I'm Ready to learn the 10 keys to unlock my success code & thrive

Early Bird 80% OFF Special with Bring A Friend Bonus ($997.00 Value) ends on Friday, Apr.8th at 7 pm Pacific or while seats last. Register today and SAVE $800.00 HERE.
"Unlock Your Success Code And Thrive"
A Two-Day Intensive for Women In Business On A Mission
Apr 9-10, 2016  In Los Gatos, California


You're Born To Share Your Gifts
 ... And Thrive!

Dear woman in business on a mission,

Do you feel you have so much to offer the world with your passion to serve and to share your beautiful message?

Do you ALSO feel you deserve to be paid well for your gifts and have all the clients you desire... and you're READY to get all the support you need for the great work that you do...

If this is YOU, then, I wholeheartedly invite you to an event that will teach you how to create an authentic, profitable and satisfying business, speaking all over the world while having so much fun being yourself and serving the people you love to serve...

At the "Unlock Your Success Code & Thrive" 2-Day Event, you will discover how all of your biggest failures, blocks & fears can be transformed into a full load of your dream clients, money flowing into your business, unexpected opportunities coming in and UNSTOPPPABLE CONFIDENCE!

This event is for YOU if you're tired of feeling like you ARE in your own way...

This event also is for you If you know deep down inside how powerful you are... and you're READY to have MORE CLIENTS, make MORE MONEY and make a BIGGER IMPACT in the world.

My job is to help every woman who's tired of playing small, hiding in the shadows, or being afraid of being seen... to bust through those doubts and fears to create speaking and business success!

So, if you have the passion to speak, serve and thrive and you ARE ready to do it ASAP, I'm so happy meet you and support you in-depth in person in this powerful weekend journey!


Early Bird 80% OFF Special with Bring A Friend Bonus ($997.00 Value) ends on Friday, Apr.8th at 7 pm Pacific or while seats last. Register today and SAVE $800.00 HERE.

See you there, Super Star,

Jenn August C.H., C.L.S.C


Here's What Women Say About Our Event...

"People keep asking me how I've been able to do so much this past year, and how my business has grown by leaps and bounds over the past months. Here's my secret: Want to change your life? Drop everything and go to this 2-Day intensive with Jenn August."

Amethyst Mahoney

Founder, Spiritual Badass Community

 "I am leaving an event knowing without a doubt that my business will never be the same and that I am finally entering the next level of my business."

Gillian Hood

Fitness and Intuitive Eating Coach at Healthier Outcomes

"I have prayed every day for five years since my 15yrs marriage split to live in love again. I am eternally grateful that my prayers are finally being answered. Jenn’s workshop helped my heart to help others to also make a living. Getting back on my feet again! I am ready to be well so I can share my life light and all my talents for a purpose!"

Julie Lynn

Massage Therapist/Bodyworker

In This 2-Day Intensive for Women In Business On A Mission, You'll Discover:

  • Why it's not your fault that you resist what you need to do to grow your business
  • What's keeping clients away and how to turn on a signal to attract your ideal clients
  • The secret formula to get through resistance and into results FAST
  • Your unique "Success Map" so you will know what motivates you into inspired action instead of forcing yourself to do things
  • How to run your business in a way that is satisfying to your soul and profitable to your pocket book
  • How to GET BOOKED AS A SPEAKER and attract way more of your ideal clients with speaking (even it's your first time to speak!)

I’ve been so fortunate that there's a huge demand for this event and have done it 12x... and have a stack of messages from heart-centered women in businesses, thanking me for the life-changing breakthroughs that happened for them...

“I’ve gone from confusion to clarity to results with the help Jenn has given me on the methods and structures of my business. I was able to attract my most lucrative speaking engagement flown out to Canada and
spoke to 750 people
My non-profit that I have with my husband  has Coco Cola, Microsoft and many other big business wanting to meet with us about supporting our programs for teens. Everything is just easier now” 
- Deb Cottle, Speaker, Author, Coach at World On A String

“When I met  Jenn I had just graduated from acupuncture school. She taught me how to connect with aligned people and network, promote myself & put on workshops and now my practice is full.”   
- Dr. Julie Tran, ND, LAc - Blue Skyes Acupuncture Clinic 

... Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Join me, Jenn August, Founder of Women's Success Tribe, an internationally recognized speaker and a leading expert at helping women clear their fear to create profitable, authentic, and satisfying businesses, at this 2-Day workshop that you'll
always be grateful you went...

Early Bird 80% OFF Special with Bring A Friend Bonus ($997.00 Value) ends on Friday, Apr.8th at 7 pm Pacific or while seats last. Register today and SAVE $800.00 HERE.



You have so much to offer the world with your passion to serve and your beautiful message...


You deserve to be paid well and have all the clients you desire.

You deserve to have a business that grows and takes care of you while you support others!


Come and laugh, learn, connect, discover, play, celebrate and leave with a "Success Map" so you know what your powerful steps to success truly ARE!


See you soon, Superstar!

To Your Greatest Success!

Jenn August

Jenn August, C.H., C.L.S.C. is an internationally recognized speaker, a business hypnotherapist and Success Coach specializing in helping people remove their blocks to allowing money to flow into their lives. Her patented hypnotherapy process has gained her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business successHer process has helped her clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness.
As a creator of a global association called Women's Success Tribe. Jenn gets to support business women all over the world to have a community where they can build profitable business connections that last and be prospered for their gifts and talents.
Unlock Your Success Code & Thrive
A Two-Day Intensive for Women In Business On A Mission
Apr 9-10, 2016 In Los Gatos, California
Event Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time (both days)
           Location: Los Gatos Lodge,50 Los Gatos Saratoga Rd,
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Early Bird 80% OFF Special with Bring A Friend Bonus ($997.00 Value) ends on Friday, Apr.8th at 7 pm Pacific or while seats last. Register today and SAVE $800.00 HERE.