Stepping into your awesome light as speaker

By Jenn August, C.H., C.L.S.C.

They say that people’s #1 fear is speaking in front of a group and #2 fear is death. So it means, people would rather be in the grave than on the stage...

People have a lot of fears about getting in front of a group of people and speaking, and a lot of them connect back to childhood memories and things that happened that made it really scary to stand up and be seen

One of the things that made me NOT want to speak in front of people was a playground incident. I grew up in Southern California and went to Hazeltine Elementary School. One day, there's a big group of us playing and talking and suddenly, this boy ran up to me and pulled my shorts down. My Wonder Woman Underoos where on display for the whole world to see. Yikes!

Yes, you think I would've gotten over this but it took me a while to understand why I was so afraid to get in front of people and why I was really concerned to make sure that I have pants that were able to clasp on very tight to my body.

One of the gifts of being an entrepreneur is that we actually GET paid to overcome our greatest doubts and fears so that we can do what we ARE meant to do, which is to serve other people and thrive.

The way I got over my fear of speaking in front of people was when I changed my mindset about it and kept getting in front of people until it was second nature. I decided to let my drive to help people be bigger than my fear. I went from being a shy little girl that didn't want to speak in front of people because she was afraid someone would pants her off to being an international speaker being flown all over world to speak.

Now, why speaking is so important to me as well as for many women in business (like YOU) who have beautiful gifts to share with the world… and why it's a great idea to overcome your fears around it?

Here are some cool reasons why…

  • Speaking immediately positions you as an expert.
  • Speaking also is a wonderful way to share your message with more than one person at a time.
  • At speaking engagements, you can also offer your products and/or your
    and also offer people a free consultation, depending on what your business model is.
  • Speaking allows you to serve and support your divine right clients. This is so true for many people... and to me, this is the most fun and fulfilling part about speaking!

If you have a big knowing that you are supposed to speak, listen to it and take steps to make it happen.

Now, if you have a tiny, itty-bitty little sense that you are supposed to do public speaking, listen to that, too. It’s a gift to the world for you to reach more people with your message and your gifts!

I love to help women get over their fear of speaking and discover how to express their message, and how to turn talks into paying clients. I’ve had clients win speaking contest and be flown around the country to speak.

So I’ve created a way to support you, too in moving forward in your journey toward business success with speaking!  I can't wait to share with you the valuable information that has taken my own business (and many people I’m blessed to work with) from zero to six figures, speaking all over the world while having so much fun being myself and serving! 

Check out my upcoming program below that will support you FINALLY create the launch pad for your greatest speaking success!

Enjoy this speaking success mindset tip! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

About Jenn:

Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C. is the Founder of Women's Success Tribe, an internationally recognized speaker and a leading expert at helping women clear their fears and doubts to create profitable, authentic, fun, satisfying businesses!

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