Radical, Raw and Rebellious Authenticity: The Best Way to Speak, Sell and Create a Massive Following

Speaking is the best way to share you message with your ideal audience and clients.  Nowadays, it’s also the best way to sell your products and services.  But how to speak, sell and attract followers effectively?

On today’s Wealthy Mind Warrior Teleconference training call, I am interviewing the Intuitive Business Strategist and Authenticity Coach Jonathan Bender as he shares about using “speaking” to attract more clients.

On this special training call, you’ll discover:

• Why following “winning formulas” too closely may cause you to lose out in a big way

• The secret to step into your own authenticity – and find your voice that your people will love

• How to find your own authentic voice – that will fill your soul and your bank account

• Why your authentic message and style should repel more people than you attract!

Jonathan Bender has empowered thousands of visionaries, coaches and entrepreneurs to get over their fear of speaking and being seen. He helps them show up with authentic and dynamic presence, so they can claim their voice and change the world. Jonathan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Authenticity Coach, as well as a professional theater director, actor, and writer; he combines performance and speaking techniques, personal growth and business savvy to help you show up as the True You.

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