How to get over your fear of Public Speaking

By Jenn August, C.H., C.L.S.C.

When you’re afraid to do public speaking, it might keep you from stepping foot on stage or itSpeaking Blackish might just make you feel very uncomfortable when you’re speaking...

Either way, that fear is not a fun feeling AND it keeps a lot of passionate women business owners from being able to attract clients through speaking.

There are two important steps to overcome this fear...

A conscious mindset shift & a subconscious mindset shift.

Let’s start with the first one because it’s something we can start working on right now...

What you’re really afraid of is negative judgment and rejection. It’s natural to feel that way. Not everyone is going to like you & what you have to say.

In fact, what people think about you IS not really any of your business… your business is what YOU think about THEM.

Your business is to discover... do YOU like who they are and do you want to work with THEM.

You get to decide who are the people in the audience that you’re going to focus on.

Of course, you want to invite everyone in the audience to be touched by your message. And you want to seek out people who ARE physically being present to your message.

You know they’re with you because they’re looking at you and their energy feels positive. They are like light bulbs and they are giving you energy back for the energy you’re giving with their attention. They’re having an equal energy exchange with you.

When your eyes land on someone who doesn’t feel like they’re with you, don’t take it personally. They might be thinking “did I leave the stove on” or “I wonder if he’ll ever call me” or “I hope my test results come back healthy from the doctor”.

My point is that people have a whole world going on inside of their heads and don’t take what they’re doing or not doing personally. Get up there and share from your heart. Look for the people who are with you and move your eyes around the room acknowledging those connections.

Everyone will feel like you’re looking at them but you’re choosing to focus on the people who are in the room that are sending you energy back.

Make sure that before you get on stage that you let your inner child know that you’re going to do that talking and she can take a nap or go play video games or color in her coloring book.

The point is that you want to make your little girl feel safe and not obligated to stand up in front of a bunch of adults and sound all grown-up-ish. Make sure you also feel seen, loved and heard before you go out and share your energy and your message.

Before I do a big speaking engagement, I will turbo rest, eat healthy food, send love to my inner child and watch a kid’s movie or two with her.

Then I get on stage prepared and ready to empower, inspire and invite my audience to take their business to the next level of success.

If mindset shifts like this don’t work for you, you might consider working with a hypnotherapist to clear any subconscious blocks to feeling great on stage...

And if you’re tired of playing small, hiding in the shadows, or being afraid of being seen... AND if you’re ready to get all the support you need to step into your powerful light as a speaker, let’s talk...

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PS - If you ache to serve others with your gifts and you're drawn to speaking (even if you wish that you’re not) then, you must follow that calling because it won’t leave you alone.

It means that you're put on this planet to inspire and empower people with your words, your presence and the gifts you share...

I’m excited to support you in your speaking success journey!

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PPS - What's your biggest fear about speaking?  Do you have an awesome "overcoming your stage fright" story to share? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

About Jenn: Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C. is the Founder of Women's Success Tribe, a Unlock Your Success Code & Thrivespeaking success coach and a success mindset expert specializing at helping women clear their fears and doubts to create profitable, authentic,
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