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On today’s Wealthy Mind Warrior Teleconference training call, you will learn about creating money from a woman who is so financially abundant that she doesn’t have to work another day in her life. She is a humanitarian/philanthropist and a business leader with a heart of gold & powerful information to share with you today at 12pacific/3 Eastern:

• How To Be The CEO Of Your Life

• How to leverage your passion into a money-making machine

• Learn how to have a relationship with money that will help you live a rich life and become the philanthropist you long to be

• Discover DC’s Secret Proven Formula, that for the past 34 years, has worked for the mega successful entrepreneurs around the world

Dame DC Cordova is the CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®/ Money & You®, a global organization with over 95,000 grads from Asia Pacific and North America in English / Chinese. She is a Humanitarian / Philanthropist. Money & You® Program and Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs that has over 95,000 graduates from the Asia Pacific and North American regions delivered in English and Chinese. Her global organization has customers, partners, and graduates from over 65 countries. This is the original “Business School for Social Entrepreneurs”. She is a “Connector” because she has a special gift for bringing projects and people together from around the world. DC is a Mentor of Nurturing because of her work with leading Executives, Business Leaders and Management Teams. She has also been called an Ambassador of New Education because of her tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.




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