How to Manifest Solid Leads from Thin Air

I am so excited to interview the Internet Marketing Expert, Jayne Burch on today’s Wealthy Mind Warrior Teleconference series @ Noon Pacific Time.

On this special training call, Jayne shares…

• 3 Steps to keeping your pipeline pipe line filled – effortlessly and automatically

• How to help your preferred client find you easily online and see you as the obvious choice

• Strategies to get your preferred clients to contact you first and ask to become your prospect

• The Secret of automatically converting your prospects to clients

Jayne Burch is Founder of WEB ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT, LLC and creator of the MARKETING MONSOON SYSTEM™, helping business owners unleash the power of the internet to build their businesses. A lifelong entrepreneur, Jayne got started in internet marketing as a means to market her other profession, business coaching and consulting. She believes Internet marketing is the “must have” business skill set in the new Information Age. She discovered the well optimized website is a business generator, and so created Marketing Monsoon System™, a set of powerful web marketing strategies, from her own successful Internet marketing experiences.

Jayne’s Gift:

“The 3 Simple Secrets to Getting More Clients Than You Ever Thought Possible”

Free Access to the 4 Video Series here:



Jayne’s Wealthy Mind Warrior Participants Exclusive!!

Marketing Monsoon More Clients Alliance

A lifetime membership and mentoring program for business owners to get their

 Lead Generation system up and running and filling their pipeline


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