How to Confidently Connect and Communicate with Influential Partners!

I am so excited to interview the brilliant Erika Watson on the 15th training call (10/15/12 @12pm PDT) of the Wealthy Mind Warrior Series.

On this special call, Erika will be talking about how to effectively attract affiliate partnerships, where you will discover:


• Why Partnership is the fastest way to grow your business especially if you are just getting starting;

• How to feel totally confident and own your value as a partner and a leader of change;

• Learn the Best ways to connect and communicate with your ideal partners so they will say YES to promoting you.

Erika Watson, founder of Loved.Seen.Heard, creator of Affiliate-Partnerships 2.0, the ongoing interview series Giving Rise to the Voice Within, and now partners in Soul Therapy International, has followed her calling to end the suffering and separation felt in the world through the empowerment of women globally. Recognizing that business is one of the greatest spiritual practices of all times, Erika continues to work with entrepreneurs to create and deliver purpose driven businesses that generate deep healing, impact, and prosperity on the planet. Partnership she proclaims is not only the fastest way to achieving the impact and freedom one desires in their life and business, but ultimately is the vessel to tapping into universal abundance and self-actualization, while dissolving the lines of separation, fear, and competition; harmonizing the planet.




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