Cutting edge networking where business women connect over the phone

Cutting edge networking

Cutting edge networking is now available in the palm of your hand! And what is usually in the palm of your hand, besides your palm itself…yes, you guessed it – Cutting edge networkingyour phone. You’re probably wondering if I’m talking about a new app that can transport you to a live cutting edge networking experience.

That would be cool. I would like to get that app myself.

What I’m talking about is a networking group that meets on the phone. You might be wondering how can you network on the phone.

I am so glad you asked.

There is powerful technology these days that makes it possible to get on the phone with many people at once and also break up into smaller groups so you can network.

Women’s Online Networking is a phone cutting edge networking group where you can call and be sorted into 2 different groups within the hour, allowing you to meet several different amazing women.

This is no ordinary group of women. These are heart-based entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place to their gifts and talents.  Amazing things happen when these women get on the phone together! They support one another, uplift one another and promote one another.

These are not your standard business relationships. These are what I call business friendships – where people powerfully care and take steps to support each other.

Women’s Online Networking has been in the beta phase, meaning we have been testing it for effectiveness.  We have been testing it to see how it benefits people and their businesses, and making sure it’s something that our participants, the heart-based woman entrepreneurs, absolutely loves.

We are happy to report that there are rave reviews and this is an organization that is praised very big in supporting businesswomen growing their business.

Right now you have a rare opportunity to become a Pioneer Member, which means you get to be among the 500 to join this cutting edge networking organization.

Being a “Pioneer” also means that you get to try out for free before we launch the paid version.

 I created Women’s Online Networking because as a business hypnotherapist and success coach, I work with clients all over the world. And I serve my clients, I noticed two things happening: 1) some women could not find physical networking groups that they enjoyed or made profits from and; 2) the women that are attracted to my community and my programs are wonderful giving supportive people that when they’re all put together on this call amazing things happen.


“I love that its virtual and that there is a thriving and committed group of women helping each other grow their businesses in a positive way. I love that I can get “out” and meet people and grow my business and not have to cart my 7 month old to networking events like I have in the past. It’s a cutting edge networking solution!”

“I loved the way you could really “meet” new people AND exchange good information with them at the same time, which builds relationships quickly.”

“The remarkable women and YOU. Although, I have participated in about 50% of the calls, you have created a powerful and productive connection. Thank you!”

Our motto on Women’s Online Networking is “we thrive together.”  As women, we need community, we need support and sometimes we don’t want to have to get all dressed up and put on our “make-up” to have those kinds of powerful connections.

So if you feel inspired to come and join us on a call, go to and register so you can get the call-in number and join this amazing community of women for a networking place like you have never experienced before.

“See you” on the calls! 🙂

In joyful service,




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  1. Zola de Firmian July 30, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

    Women’s Online Networking is a great idea! It’s benefited my business; I live in a rural area of the California Coast, several hours north of SF Bay Area (it’s 2 hours to the next good sized town.)My networking options have been limited, needless to say. WON’s brought me into contact with a wonderful array of new business friendships and connections all around the globe. Sometimes it’s been highly serendipitous. Many times the conversations with other women have resonated for days. New ideas, networking, and business sharing’s happening here. Thank you to Jenn and team!

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