Business Women: When Is Your Business Going To Work For You?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Do you dream of setting it up so it feels like to give back all you put into it and more?

I bet.

You deserve that.

Not just because you are a good person with a heart for service but because if your business is set up to support you, you can support more people with your gifts.

Doesn’t that seem fair? I think so.

Being an entrepreneurial woman comes with some great advantages and great disadvantages but don’t fret! All can be reset (I like that it rhymes☺). Ok back to my point.

The good news is that you are a go-for-it woman.

You are among the few and the brave of woman who open their own businesses.
Entrepreneurial women tend to be a “do it yourself” kind of person which is a great quality that will bring you success.

What can block success is a belief that you should have and have to have all the answers  AND know all that you need to know to succeed.

This is where the “I have to know it myself and do it myself” mindset can be harmful to your business.


It’s because not one person gets successful because they knew all the answers. The most successful people are asking the most important questions to people who know more than they do.

Put on your “learner hat”. It’s much for fun than the “I have to know” hat.

Ask yourself: who has accomplished amazing things in business that I would love to interview about what they know?

Take someone out to lunch and pick their brain.

Or I can do it for you ☺

That’s right I’ll do it and I planned on picking the brains of 30 Business Experts on the Methods and The Mindset to a Happy Wealthy Business.

I discovered I love interviewing people when I was asked to interview Jack Canfield, Marcia Weider, Janet Attwood, Julia Butterfly and a bunch of my superstar colleagues for a fundraising product.

It was a blast and I knew I wanted to do it again with the goal of demystifying business and helping you get a “business success mindset”.

Do you want to pick the brain of an entrepreneur that is a wildly happy, generous hearted person who is featured in Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt’s best-selling book “The Power of Focus”?
Traveled the world, has a happy family life, can create *ROIs of 300% in a single transaction?

*ROI = Return On Investment you can calculate it by Amount of Financial Gain divided by total investment amount.

So if Dave Albano’s golden touch invests $1 into something, it will make him $300.

Dave also created his Life By Design and accomplishes whatever he sets out to do, which obviously works since Bob Proctor from the Secret swears by his work.

So when am I going to pick Dave’s brain? September 12th on the Wealthy Mind Warrior Premier Teleconference

Where Dave is going to share juicy information on:

• Learn the 7 Secrets to explosive business growth FAST
• Discover the #1 easy shortcut that launched a no-name start-up to overtake a powerhouse mega-brand
• Hear the BIGGEST online mistake business owners make and why they have it completely backwards
• Get the #1 Metric you MUST know in your Business to make it Successful
• Find how to secure 100% of the perfect clients you want to work with and NONE ofthe ones you don’t!



Not only has Dave got really quality information to share, he is also really ‘funny’. Every phone call we have had is often interrupted by lots of belly laughs from sharing stories and ideas.

Dave is a 100% Gem and you will get to hear him live and talking about “How to Get 100 Clients in 100 Days”.
Register here for this free training call:



Have a beautiful day!
To Your Greatest Success!

Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C.
Business Hypnotherapist & Success Coach





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