Business Women: Do You Want To Get Way More Yes’s From Ideal Clients?

When people say yes to working with you doesn’t it feel amazing?

Not only does it feel good but you get to share your gifts with your new client and watch their life transform & you get paid!

You get a green thank you for your work.

Would you like to know the two secrets to getting more yes’s?

Sales success is about mindset & method.

Getting paid is about being comfortable receiving

Are you comfortably receiving?

Is it easy for you to ask for what you want?

Are you comfortable getting compliments or validation?

Do you feel like you deserve to be paid for what you do?

If you are like most people, it’s probably not so comfortable for you to receive.

I am going to share with you a mindset reframe and then introduce you to the Queen of Sales Conversion Anastasia Netri to share some powerful information about how to get you more Yes’s.

Let’s start with your receiving mindset. When you are a woman who is in business to serve and give support, it may feel counter intuitive to ask people to give you something before you give them support.

Here is a mindset shift I am inviting you to have.

Having a hard time receiving is often connecting to subconsciously not feeling worthy of receiving.

So first, let’s start with the concept of worth.

Let’s really look at what who you are, your time and energy are really worth.

#1 How many life experiences did you go through to become the woman that you are today, someone that can serve others?

#2 How many years have you been alive collecting wisdom, learning & growth to be able to serve clients?

#3 How much money have you spent learning your craft & skill to be able to serve?

Of course, you have put your whole lifetime preparing to be able to serve at the level you came here to serve.

Your time, love and energy are priceless.

When you are inviting someone to work with you, you are offering to help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge.

Asking for payment is asking them to commit to the solution they seek through your gifts.

This is a filter so you know that their commitment is worthy of your time and energy.

Money is a small price to pay for the solutions they seek and having your focused attention.

The reality is you will never get back the time you spend with them so you deserve to get paid for all you are and all you give.

A sales conversation is a powerful way to discover if your potential client is valuing themselves enough to say yes to themselves. In those conversations,  you actually have an opportunity to help them see that they are worthy of getting your support.

I share this with all of my clients.  If it inspires you, put it on a post it in your work area…

 “Letting people pay you is letting them love themselves through you”

Now, I want to introduce the brilliant Anastasia Netri.  She helps business women shine, live large, and make lots of money. I have had the pleasure coaching with her and she really helped me grow my business to the next level of success.

She is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is woman and a refreshing voice of truth in the business coaching world.

…and I would love to share with you her 3 Steps To YES…

 Step #1 To Yes:  Wow! That is what I am asking for!

Identifying that you have what people are asking for.

Step #2 To Yes: Get out of my head!  How did you know that? 

This is about seeing people deeply, hearing them, letting them know that they are seen and heard by you.

Step #3 ToYes:  Wow! You’ve been there too?  Really? 

You should connect with them on a deeper level and the best way to do that is by letting them know that you understand their challenges. 

These 3 Steps would allow you to create feelings of trust and safety AND when people feel that they trust you and they can be safe with you, they are more likely to say yes to the next step with you!


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