How To Get Magical & Profitable Results Networking

With the right mindset and the right methods anything is possible!

I’m excited to share with you some important keys to making your networking not only fun but also magical andWon Hi profitable before you go networking.

I love helping my clients completely re-frame what networking is so they love to do it and get results from it.

So, here are some insider secrets for you…

Number 1: Show Up For Yourself To Be Magnetic To Ideal Clients

You must show up for yourself hundred percent before you go networking. I call this treating yourself like a VIP client. So what exactly does that mean?

It means that you must make sure you feel seen, valued and heard before you go out and see, value and hear other people.

As women, we are programmed to take care of everybody first and give ourselves the last crumbs of our own energy, which is a recipe for burnout. When you show up for your own needs, desires and emotions, you feel good and valued.

Showing up for yourself creates a positive energy that people can feel and it helps them trust you to show up for them if they are in the market to hire you.

Like I teach my clients, it doesn’t have to take very long to show up for yourself. It could mean just making sure that you are fed, hydrated and have made some time to do some things that you love.

For example, I started a brand-new hypnotherapy business and coaching practice for women business owners in Reno many moons ago, and I knew one person there when I started. (I moved out there for love. It’s a long story. Learned a lot. It didn’t work out… Anyway, back to the article 🙂 ). Before I would go out networking, I would eat a healthy meal, took my vitamins, did some yoga poses, and would pull out my guitar and play my favorite song Grace.

By the time I was out in the world, I felt great! Because I had focused on myself, made myself feel valuable so I could go out and listen to others, show up for others and share about what I do.

This was a powerful discovery and from then on, whether I am speaking in front of a room of thousands of people, or talking to a VIP one-on-one client, I make sure that I have shown up for ME. So, I invite you to make a list of things that you can do to show for yourself that make you feel seen, love and heard before you go networking .

Number 2: Lead With The Give

It’s a magical treasure hunt. So many people wait until someone is their client to show them their beauty and power as a person that can support them. “Leading with the Give” means that you go out and network to serve people, to listen to them, to support them, and to see it’s a good fit to invite them to have a conversation with you (about your services) that could lead to a sale.

Networking is not just to get clients. It is also to create a community – so you can feel supported and people can support you. I call this building business friendships!

My grandfather loved shooting video of the family, but he also loved all human beings and would turn his camera on unsuspecting passersby and start interviewing them. We have so much footage of people we don’t know. But what I learned from my grandfather was that everybody is fascinating and valuable and worthy of your attention.

You are valuable and worthy of other people’s attention. Since there are only so many hours in the day and so many minutes within a networking opportunity, how can we assess who is a good person to connect and spend time with?

Number 3: How To Discover Who The Treasure In Your Treasure Hunt Is

While networking, you are looking for ideal clients, potential promotion or referral partners, maybe, even speaking opportunities. There are infinite gifts that can come out of networking.

The Universe gives us things through people – the more people we are around and engaging with, the more opportunities that will come to us.

The more accessible you are to people, the more people that can find you and pay you for your work.

I always tell my clients to trust their intuition and also do some real-world research.

You might find that when you are networking, there are people you are naturally drawn to.

Go talk to those people and connect with them. I like using this icebreaker by asking people “what are you really passionate about right now?”

If you want a creative way to ask them what they do, you can ask “how do you share your brilliance in the world?”

If you wanted to discover what someone is struggling with once the conversation has already started and see if you might be able to support them, you can ask “if you had a magic wand that would wave away any challenges in your business right now, what would it be?”

You also have people drawn to you that want to connect (especially since you are magnetic because you treated yourself like a VIP client before you go out and network :)).

You can use the same kind of questions to connect with these folks. Your job is to make people feel seen, valued and heard and for ideal clients, you might discover that this is really a conversation of you supporting them. If it feels like they need your support, you want to invite them to have a free consultation/strategy session or some way for you to discuss with them how you may be able to help them.

If it feels like it’s a good match and this person may really benefit from your gifts and talents, you want to ask “would you like to connect so I can share with you the ways I can help you get the results you desire?”

If it seems like they want to hear about how you can support them right then and there, GO FOR IT. If there is no time to have this conversation at the moment, set up a phone call instead, which means you want to have your calendar always available.

If it is clear that this person is not a match as a potential client but could be a match as a promotional partner (as someone who wants to refer people to you), or just someone that seems amazing that you would like to create a business friendship with, then here’s what you do…

You invite them to have a phone conversation with you and you could say “would you like to set up a phone call to see if there’s a way we can support each other’s businesses?”

When you set up that meeting, it could be 30-min, 45-min or an hour call. Make sure to let them go first so they can talk about their business. Why is it important that you go last? Because, they may actually also be an ideal client who needed to hear more about what you do. In that case, double score! You may find yourself a client and someone who loves to promote or refer you. 🙂

One way you can tell if someone also has the “lead with the give” mindset is if they ask you about you (this is important for potential promotional partners, referral partners and business friendships).

If they spend the whole entire conversation talking about themselves or trying to sell you something, then they are not a match for you because you want to partner with a person that loves supporting people and would be an ideal resource for your people as well.

It’s actually quite fun when you go out and meet with people who lead with the give. Make sure to assess the people you’re having conversations with and don’t get trapped listening to someone telling you how wonderful they are for hours.

Here are great ways to get out of those conversations…

“I’m going to grab some hors d’oeuvres, great talking to you!”

“Wow, you really enjoy the sound of your voice, don’t you?” – OK, that’s a joke! 🙂

“Oh, I see a colleague I like to say hi to, it was great talking to you!”

All of these networking tips are pointless if you do not follow up, make appointment to talk and have those conversations.

Your energy is your best salesperson – people want to feel what it’s like to be around you before they buy from you, promote you, invite you to speak, or offer you wonderful opportunities.

Most people avoid follow-ups like the plague, but the people who are following up are the ones getting the clients and the opportunities. So be one of those people. Make sure you get the contact information of the people that you meet and follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

Do you wish there’s an easier way because you don’t like going out in the world to go networking?

You’re in luck! Yes, there is an easy, hassle-free way! It’s called phone networking. I created this way ofWon Telephone networking because I have clients all over the world that couldn’t leave the house to go networking because they have kids, they had a hard time finding a group that they resonated when they went out networking, or they’re just too shy to go out and talk to people.

So, I created Women’s Success Tribe, an international community of heart centered business women who love to support each other in creating success!

The great thing about this networking is that you are sorted into small groups of 2 or 3 members.

Each person is given an opportunity to talk about what they do and what kind of support they’re looking for. This kind of networking has a magical quality. The right people always get sorted into the right groups to create the right opportunities. People have gotten speaking engagements, new clients, articles written about them, invitations to be in telesummits, opportunities to collaborate, and met friends that they will have for life. It’s all about profitable results networking!

I invite you to come and join us at Women’s Online Networking and become a pioneer member for free!

Click here to get started!

Have a great time networking! Remember, whether you are doing it in person or over the phone, never forget that your energy is a gift in people’s lives.





Small Business Big Vision

It’s hard to ignore when you have an ache to serve.

It’s hard to ignore when you feel like you’re here to do something bigger than you could ever imagine.

If that’s you, I understand the journey from struggle to success. I also know that it takes a lot more than a regular human strength to make your goals and dreams possible…

It actually takes a village.

Not just an external village but an internal village.

We have to be on our own team before we can expect others to join in.

This week, think about ways you can make yourself feel seen, loved and heard.

Listen to your stomach when it growls, go for a walk when you have been in front of the computer too long, let yourself dream and take action on those dreams.

One of my favorite quotes to motivate me off the coach and into action is…

“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer~

Every step you take out of your comfort zone opens up your world and makes more things possible. I always tell my clients, it takes 180 degrees to go from not doing something to doing something…so, take baby steps to change your behavior. Michael Jackson focused on getting one degree better as a singer and dancer every day. It’s about enjoying the journey and not missing present time because you don’t trust that where you are is exactly where you need to be.

So, I always tell my clients to celebrate every degree of success, every molecule of change. As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to constantly learn, so we are always brand new at something. Using the concept of “beginner’s mind; warrior’s spirit” is something that always helped me stay focused.

My Mom is a therapist and she would always tell me this when she caught me repeating patterns that were not getting me my desired results. “Would you wait in line at McDonald’s and when you get to the counter ask for sushi? If they said NO, would you get back in line, wait again and ask for sushi again? No. You would realize that what you were doing was not going to get you results. You would decide to do something different…like go to a sushi restaurant!” Then she would giggle and give me a hug.

As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to push against the boundaries of who we think we are and what we think we are capable of to get to the truth. My whole career was born from looking for solutions for myself, wondering why I felt not good enough and so down on myself while at the same time, I felt an ache to serve people to help them thrive. It felt like such a contradiction. Then, I discovered that the journey of overcoming my challenges and creating success made me qualified to support others on that path from struggle to success. I’ve been doing it now for over 10 years and feel so grateful for all the lives I’ve been able to touch and all the amazing clients that have deeply, positively impacted my life.

My big vision is to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, and reach for the opportunities that show up in my life. I remember learning that most violence acts against women happen on Super Bowl Sunday. That always stuck in my heart and I have always wanted to do something about it besides my usual fundraising for shelters and causes that support women and children looking for safety. I decided to enter the Small Business Big Game contest for a chance to win a commercial at the Super Bowl for my business. I have made it to round two and would love your support to help me get to the finalist spot. Here is the link to vote and share it with your friends in the social media world:

Thanks in advance! 🙂

I would love to send a message of empowerment and hope for women through my commercial. Letting them know they deserve better than abuse and in fact, they have a gift to share in the world. Like you do!

I am committed to creating a world where everyone, woman, men, children all over the world would have a chance to find their gifts and share them. This is what I know will create a happy world where everyone is too busy nurturing and sharing their gifts to fight wars.

“You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.”
-John Lennon

Cutting edge networking where business women connect over the phone

Cutting edge networking

Cutting edge networking is now available in the palm of your hand! And what is usually in the palm of your hand, besides your palm itself…yes, you guessed it – Cutting edge networkingyour phone. You’re probably wondering if I’m talking about a new app that can transport you to a live cutting edge networking experience.

That would be cool. I would like to get that app myself.

What I’m talking about is a networking group that meets on the phone. You might be wondering how can you network on the phone.

I am so glad you asked.

There is powerful technology these days that makes it possible to get on the phone with many people at once and also break up into smaller groups so you can network.

Women’s Online Networking is a phone cutting edge networking group where you can call and be sorted into 2 different groups within the hour, allowing you to meet several different amazing women.

This is no ordinary group of women. These are heart-based entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place to their gifts and talents.  Amazing things happen when these women get on the phone together! They support one another, uplift one another and promote one another.

These are not your standard business relationships. These are what I call business friendships – where people powerfully care and take steps to support each other.

Women’s Online Networking has been in the beta phase, meaning we have been testing it for effectiveness.  We have been testing it to see how it benefits people and their businesses, and making sure it’s something that our participants, the heart-based woman entrepreneurs, absolutely loves.

We are happy to report that there are rave reviews and this is an organization that is praised very big in supporting businesswomen growing their business.

Right now you have a rare opportunity to become a Pioneer Member, which means you get to be among the 500 to join this cutting edge networking organization.

Being a “Pioneer” also means that you get to try out for free before we launch the paid version.

 I created Women’s Online Networking because as a business hypnotherapist and success coach, I work with clients all over the world. And I serve my clients, I noticed two things happening: 1) some women could not find physical networking groups that they enjoyed or made profits from and; 2) the women that are attracted to my community and my programs are wonderful giving supportive people that when they’re all put together on this call amazing things happen.


“I love that its virtual and that there is a thriving and committed group of women helping each other grow their businesses in a positive way. I love that I can get “out” and meet people and grow my business and not have to cart my 7 month old to networking events like I have in the past. It’s a cutting edge networking solution!”

“I loved the way you could really “meet” new people AND exchange good information with them at the same time, which builds relationships quickly.”

“The remarkable women and YOU. Although, I have participated in about 50% of the calls, you have created a powerful and productive connection. Thank you!”

Our motto on Women’s Online Networking is “we thrive together.”  As women, we need community, we need support and sometimes we don’t want to have to get all dressed up and put on our “make-up” to have those kinds of powerful connections.

So if you feel inspired to come and join us on a call, go to and register so you can get the call-in number and join this amazing community of women for a networking place like you have never experienced before.

“See you” on the calls! 🙂

In joyful service,


The Mind Is The Key To Women’s Business Success

Have you heard the story of the fish to spent its life searching for the water?

It had no idea that what she was looking for was right in front of her fish nose.

Most women business owners are searching outside of themselves for the answer to why they are struggling when their greatest success tool is right their between their ears.

It’s the mind! But not the conscious mind, it’s the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is all about will power and struggle. It’s the mind women use to try to get their new year’s resolutions, which for most women isn’t very effective to accomplish.

The subconscious mind controls up to 95% of what we think, feel and do. It’s the queen bee of our mental hive and if it is not programmed for your business success, it will resist it like the plague.

The first step is becoming aware of what your subconscious mind is doing and how it is effecting your energy.

Start becoming aware of your negative thoughts, and consciously choose positive thoughts instead.

Your mind cannot hold a negative and positive thought at the same time…you always have a choice.

Choose thoughts that will inspire you into action, help you attract your ideal clients and manifest a business that is satisfying to your soul…and your pocket book. 🙂

When you choose your thoughts, you are using one of your greatest powers to create. When you stop a negative thought and replace it with a positive thought, you are starting the process of retraining your brain for success.

What to learn more? Come spend two days with me learning how to get your mind on your team to create business success and personal happiness! Click this link to find out more

 In Joyful service,





Jenn August, C.H.,C.L.S.C
The Success Mindset Expert
International Speaker

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Your just read “The Mind Is The Key To Women’s Business Success” Feel free to share this article and share your comments below. 🙂

Read About “Small Business Big Vision”

See, love and hear yourself

Take time to validate yourself everyday...
in every step you do for your business.

When you validate yourself,
you encourage yourself to keep going in growing your business.

When you look for what you are doing right,
you will find yourself feeling more confident and more seen.

I always say to my clients: “You have to SEE, LOVE and HEAR yourself before you can go out and do the same for your potential clients and your clients!”

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