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It’s the 16th training call on the Wealthy Mind Warrior Teleconference series and I am so excited to interview Conscious Change Expert Jeneth Blackert on today’s call.

On this call, Jeneth shares about the power of receiving, where you will:

• INSTANTLY change your energy to open the door to greater receiving

• CLEAR the energetics that may be keeping money and sexy from your life

• Gain perspective to how to EXPAND your INTUITIVE awareness

• Understand how to follow energy and create new choices that allow all of you TO FLOW in greater abundance

• Discover how your body can open the door to receiving and a whole lot more

Jeneth Blackert has fast become regarded as The Change Agent. She playfully invites people around the globe to open to greater energy, oneness and possibility. With a background in nutritional sciences blended with her unique approach to change, Jeneth has an ability to profoundly deepen her client’s lives.

 Jeneth is the author of several books and programs including Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind and her upcoming transformational chick lit novel, Awakening Soles. Jeneth has also been an invited contributing author to several books including How The Fierce Handles Fear with Donald Trump and Jack Canfield, Business Bushido with Steven Covey and Align Expand Succeed.

 Jeneth also runs a 7-figure conscious-based company with multiple programs, products and events including:

 * The New Wealth Experience, a global change movement inspiring over 40,000 people to raise their conscious awareness and change.

 * The upcoming Crazy, Rich and Free to Be, an event designed to change wealth through oneness.

 Jeneth has also been on many well-known television and radio shows worldwide including Martha Stewart Radio, NPR, Fox News and hundreds of radio acronyms around the nation.

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