How to become a powerful communicator and grow your business

By Jenn August, C.H., C.L.S.C.

Many of us were told: “children should be seen and not heard.”

During our squeals of childhood delight, we might have been told to keep it down.

It’s hard to make it through childhood without turning down our light and quieting our own voice.

When you’re on the spiritual journey of growing a successful business, discovering your voice is vital.

Your voice and words

How do you discover your voice? There are two parts to this process...

#1 Letting your voice be heard

#2 Finding the words to express your heart and your work

Today, let’s talk about letting your voice be heard. This starts with you, listening to your own voice. Listening to yourself, your thoughts, your ideas and honoring and valuing your communication with yourself.

This also means being able to tell the difference between true communication from your true self and communication from negative programing.

Here’s a tip to tell the difference...

Your true self, your soul, your most authentic self would never say anything negative to you EVER. So you can trust the positive messages and guidance and insight but do not trust the mean and negative communication that you see, feel and hear from yourself.

Don’t take the negativity in your mind personally – we were all programmed with negative thoughts about ourselves. Your true self communicates with love, compassion, and clear guidance.

The KEY to becoming a powerful communicator so you can grow your business is start by listening to yourself internally & start talking out loud about what you are passionate about so you can hear your own voice reverberate through your whole body.

Pick your favorite song and sing it out loud – it doesn’t matter if you think you can sing or not; what matters is that you are letting your voice be free.

Here is a song I wrote to help you own your awesomeness... This would be a great song to practice singing out loud to reclaim the power, beauty and purpose of your unique voice. awesome guitaro

Enjoy it! Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below, ok? in joyful service, Jenn August Jenn Signature new

About Jenn: Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C. is the Founder of Women's Success Tribe, an
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