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Jenn August is a certified business success coach, success mindset expert and international speaker.

Her proprietary success mindset system has gained her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success. Jenn’s step by step process has helped her clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. Through her work, she helps her clients see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission so they can begin to live a life of clear purpose and abundance.

She believes that people were born to succeed and programmed to fail and that they can change their programming to create a wonderful life for themselves and their families. The expert works with multi-million dollar businesses to training companies to help their clients get the best results with their training systems. Spiritual Entrepreneur John Assaraf of “The Secret” endorses Jenn’s work and says, “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!”

In the process of launching and growing her own business, Jenn discovered some blockages to success and attracting money that she had to learn to overcome. Her issues surrounding money and feeling worthy of support stemmed from her father’s complaints about the amount of alimony and child support that he had to pay: he even poured an envelope full of money into her lap and said, “This is how much you cost a month.” That created an imprint in Jenn that she was too expensive, even for her father, which she believes made it difficult for her to earn much money for a period of several years. A vivid memory of a picture of a man eating out of a garbage can, which her mother took for a photography class, created a question that she has carried with her since childhood: why do some people struggle while others thrive?

Her memories and subconscious thoughts lead Jenn to find a hypnotherapist who helped her overcome these blocks and live the life she desired. It became clear to Jenn that her pattern of hiding and not allowing herself to be too visible in order to stay safe was no longer necessary and was blocking her financial success. Thrilled with the drastic and positive changes she was able to make in her own life, Jenn decided to study hypnotherapy so she could learn to help business owner’s move from struggle to success using hypnotherapy, as she did.

Today, the experienced hypnotherapist helps people clear “the stoppable self” and the old protective devices so they can feel who they really are and share that with themselves and the world, which makes them magnetic to their ideal clients, to opportunities and to love. She help her clients feel confident and build a business filled with all the things they love to do instead of all the things they resist. Jenn is the author of two books: Networking Success for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners and Jean & The Wonder Idea Machine a children’s book about creating a positive mindset.

Jenn speaks nationally and internationally as a keynote speaker and teaching her powerful mindset tools. She is known for integrating humor and original music into her uplifting talks.

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