3 Simple Steps To Double (or Triple) Your Profits, Cut Your Work Hours In Half & Enjoy a Business That Runs Itself

Are you ready to build a business where you can just show up and be the star?   Then get ready to discover the tricks to building a business that works for you . . . rather than you working for it.

In the session with Beth, you will discover how to take your existing business, your existing team, the marketing you are already doing and everything else you’ve got at your disposal… and squeeze 2-3 times the results from them by following her simple, yet amazing, Step-By-Step System.


Ever wonder why success comes so easily for some and is such an uphill battle for others?  Those who are making it know the secret. . . having great marketing simply isn’t enough.  Yes, you read that right.  Marketing is not enough.


Just like you need both a mother and a father to make a baby, you need BOTH savvy marketing and a great operations plan to “make” a successful business; one that brings in the money, lifestyle and freedom you want.


If you:

  • Want to scream because you are paying good money to a team that messed up . . . again.
  • Are overwhelmed because you are juggling hundred of details in your head that you just can’t keep straight.
  • Are worried you’ll forget about an important client.
  • Are frustrated because you are missing out on money-making opportunities simply because you don’t have the time to get to them.


Then you want to join me and my friend, Beth Schneider of www.processprodigy.com for this eye opening call.  She is going to show you how to find the money, free time and prestige currently hiding in your business so all you have to do is show up and do the fun stuff.


Beth will show you:

  • The one thing you don’t even know you’re doing that is killing your marketing efforts and wasting all that time, money and energy.
  • How switching your thinking from “WHAT” to “HOW” can prevent things from falling through the cracks so you can watch your bank account fill up.
  • How you can set your team up to automatically “get it” so they accomplish more than you ever thought possible and say things like, “don’t worry, it’s handled” – and have the surety that it IS!
  • Her proven 3-step formula that will show you how to get everything out of your head so you can get the business running without you.


Beth Schneider, President and CEO of Process Prodigy, is a highly sought after, internationally known Systems expert. Beth works with small business owners, showing them how to squeeze 2 to 3 times the results from their existing business so they can work less, make more money and create Outrageously Effective Systems in their businesses.

Her client list reads like a Who’s Who of the small business world because of the results produced by her work.  Process Prodigy clients have seen remarkable growth; often adding 6-figures or more to their bottom line and increasing productivity by as much as 600%.

Because of her work, Beth has had the privilege of being invited to partner on projects with world-class entrepreneur, Michael Gerber. Gerber, who is touted as the world’s #1 small business guru, is best known as the author of the E-myth Revisited.  Beth is the featured Systems Expert in Michael Port’s bestselling book Beyond Booked Solid and you’ll find her chapter “Lions and Tigers and Process … Oh My” in the book Inspiration to Realization.

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