3 Secrets To Creating A Wealthy Mind That Gets Rich Results

What is a wealthy mindset?


It’s a belief that you deserve to have money flowing in from all the things you do and money flowing in from things that you set up once and that make you money forever.


Unless you were born to wealthy entrepreneurs it’s not likely you have a “wealthy” mindset.


Most people don’t.


I know I didn’t have this mindset when I started my business years ago and it showed in my results.


You may be experiencing something right now that is blocking money from flowing into your business.


Before we go into the 3 Secrets To Creating A Wealthy Mindset That Creates Rich Results, I invite you to imagine you are coaching a client on money challenges. While you are going through these 3 secrets open your heart and be compassionate with yourself like you would a client or a small child.


Ok great let’s get started…


Secret #1 is to identifying your current money & wealth mindset.


There is a folder in your mind that has positive ideas about money and wealth and negative ideas about money and wealth.


I am inviting you to think about the folder with negative ideas about money and wealth.


Ask Yourself These Two Questions:


If I allow money in I will have to deal with these negative consequences.




If I allow myself to be a wealthy person I will have to deal with these negative consequences and judgments.



Did you discover that there are some thoughts and feelings that might be stopping your from allow money and wealth in?


You are not a lone.


If the money is not flowing in there is a part of your mind saying no to it.


The next step is get the yes inside of you happening so you can hear “yes’s” out in the world.


Secret #2 Create new beliefs about money and wealth.


Now I Invite You To Answer These Two Questions:


What new belief do I want to have that would make it easy and fun to allow money in?




What new belief do I want to have that would make it easy and fun to be a wealthy person?



Congratulations you just choose new beliefs that will be supportive of your ability to allow in money and wealth.


The next step is getting it into your mind and living it.


Which brings us to Secret #3 Replace the old beliefs & reinforce your new beliefs to create Wealthy Mindset.


Your mind is your most powerful piece of success equipment. It’s made up of two parts the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.


Let’s start with resetting your conscious mind with your new belief.


When you think any negative thoughts about money, wealth or judgments about yourself or others that you know is not a wealthy mindset.


Say “Stop” (out loud of silently to yourself) “that is not me that is an old mindset, the truth is…” start saying your new beliefs that you wrote in the Secret #2 section and keep focusing on it until you feel good and excited about money and wealth.


These negative thoughts are like bullies on the play ground don’t let them take over your mind. Just say no…just say stop…and focus on your new beliefs. It’s your mind you get to have what you want in it.


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