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What’s Self love and Success Got To Do With It?

Self Love and Success.

 When the Beatles sang “All You Need Is Love,” many cynical folks rolled their eyes and said “Ya right, all you need is money.” Well, the good news is love is a natural magnet for money and all forms of abundance. Unfortunately, most of us were raised seeing our parents or other authority figures work so hard for money and may have created a belief that was far from love = success & money. The beliefs were more like money = stress, struggle, fear or many negative beliefs. Let’s talk about self love and success.

One of my best friends, Rebecca Owen, would always ask me, “What does this have to do with yourself love and how you are showing up for yourself?” Rebecca and I have been friends for 20 years and you can imagine how many times I have heard her ask me that question. I used to get so annoyed because for so long (mostly in m 20’s), I couldn’t see the connection between myself love and my success. 

This concept has made a huge impact on me, that I could only allow in what I felt worthy of…and worthiness is about loving the self and allowing the self to receive. I have been working with business women for years helping them clear their negative beliefs about themselves to finally have a financially successful and emotionally rewarding business. The real core of my work with people is to remove the blocks and beliefs that stop them from simply being themselves, without self judgment or other people’s judgments constantly playing on the turn table of their mind. When we are not blocked from feeling our own power, beauty, brilliance and natural self love, we are natural magnets drawing in exactly what we need. 

I am so blessed to work with entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place through their business. That drive to serve is all about love. Often, because of programming, a lot of people who want to give big don’t allow themselves to receive back, which creates an energetic imbalance and eventually burn out. 

Love has everything to do with allowing in success and money. Self love on a conscious and subconscious level is the KEY to unlocking all the treasure that is already who you are and attracting in more and more and having a bigger and bigger positive impact. 

I used to have so much hate for money because as I grew up, I saw people do terrible things to each other and to the world for money. A big part of how I shifted that was to look at money as an energy that wants to serve me and I created a loving relationship with it. I kicked my parents’, societies’ and everyone else’s programming about money out of my subconscious mind and decided to create new beliefs so I could become best friends with my money and we could joyfully grow together. And that took me from many, many years ago struggling to pay rent and using credit cards to buy groceries TO BEING able to create 90k worth of clients in only two days. 

Money is an energy that wants to support you. It loves you. 🙂


In joyful service,

Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C. 
Money Magnetism Mentor & Success Coach 
Women’s Success Mindset Expert


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