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From Homeless To Hopeful & Determined To Rock His Business

I was driving out of a very high end mall in Westlake Village, California after running errands, when a very sweet-faced man was standing at the mall exit with a sign that says “I’m homeless I need work.”

He had his last pay stubs stapled onto his sign. Because of the malls heavy traffic, it took me several minutes to inch my way to the exit where he was standing.

I had set this day aside to focus on preparing for Unlock Your Success Code & Thrive, my two day event in September 2013. I had my whole day planned out, but sometimes life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. I was taken over by a giant burst of inspiration as I rolled down my window and looked him right in the eyes. What came out of my mouth was “Meet me at BJ’s restaurant for lunch.” I made a U-Turn right back into the mall, as he grabbed his back-pack and started walking toward the restaurant.

Part of me was thinking: “What are you doing Jenn?” and the other part of me that was clearly being guided and said: “Just stay present and you will know how to serve this person.”

When I am not picking up strange men off the street corner, I am a Money Magnetism Mentor & Business Hypnotherapist. I help heart-based coaches, consultants, speakers and holistic practitioners clear their blocks to creating financially successful and emotionally & spiritually satisfying businesses.

While I was standing in the door way of the restaurant, he rode up on his bike with a blue and black flannel shirt he smiled and said “I thought I totally missed you, glad you’re still here.” I smiled and said “Let’s get started.” It was like we had an appointment set up. Right away, I asked him what he thought was stopping him from making the money to support himself right now.

He said he lost his job and his license but really wanted to start his plumbing business. He explained to me why it’s impossible for him to run his plumbing business since he has no license. I asked him how much he could make per hour doing his plumbing business. He said $60. I could feel an idea brewing for him but it was not fully formed yet.

He was so earnest in his desire to work and so in touch with what had been stopping him. The most exciting part was how ready he was for a big change in his life!

As a Business hypnotherapist, I have discovered this is the most powerful place I can help someone from. When they refuse to go back to the way things were, even though they don’t know how to change them.

I help my clients change their old mindset, which was created by other people’s limitations and beliefs, to create a success mindset so they can attract all they need to succeed . Then, I offer new methods with concrete steps to take to get results. When the mind and methods are aligned, any goal is possible and much easier to attain.

He also told me that he has been sober since last month. I smiled at him feeling very proud and really validated what a good choice he has made. He had burned all the bridges with his family and was no longer welcome in their homes. I imagined it had been a long time since someone had validated him.

It was amazing to sit down and talk to him. I could see the part of him that loved himself and was fighting to create a good life and also the part of him that hated himself and thought he was worthless.

I pulled my computer out and we started looking on Craigslist for manual labor kind of jobs. We “strategized” about ways that he can make money right away.

 The beautiful thing was that he was really resistant to doing anything but really wanted to do something, which was start his plumbing business. He told me his dad discouraged him his whole life from starting his own business. He told him he wasn’t smart enough to have his own business and always bullied him into getting jobs.

What was pulling him through this homelessness was the deep desire to do something that he love. He had the equipment. He had the training. He didn’t have the license, so I came up with ways that he could partner with people that could drive him and assist him in his work. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. He immediately had a really good person in mind to partner with. I love helping people to reach their aha’s and see possibilities that they didn’t know were there before. A doorway appears where there was once a wall.

 I made him promise me two things. The first thing I asked him to do was “don’t let your mind beat you up, the negative thoughts are not you, they are programming from your dad. All the negative things that you learned about yourself are not true.” Underneath the programming is the truth of him: a good person who was told bad things about himself.

And then, I made him promise me to speak nicely to himself. I told him that there’s an inner child inside of him that was wounded and not treated well. If he speaks kindly to himself, he will end the cycle of self judgment and self abuse. I let him know this is a muscle and that he has to keep kicking the negativity out of his mind over and over and over again until the mind resets.

He agreed to those two things and through our conversation, I kept stopping and asking him “what are the two things I’m asking you to do for me?”He would search to his mental files diligently to find those two things. I asked him the same question several times in our conversion so he would access them faster and faster until such time that he actually said them without me even asking for them.

It was beautiful to watch him go from desperation to relief, gratitude and then determination.

He smiled and said “I am so grateful there are shelters to stay and food to eat at different organizations.”

The next thing he said made my heart swell with joy and excitement for him. He said…

“All of this happens for a reason so I could open up my plumbing business and put 100% of myself into it instead of working for other people.” And through the process you took me through, I went from victim to victor!”

He owned his creation and planned on taking this opportunity to thrive.

I have no doubt that he will. The next time I drove into that mall, he was not there with his sign…he is making his business happen. 🙂

This experience was powerful and beautiful for both of us.

When you allow someone to help you, it’s a gift to them too!

In joyful service,



Jenn August C.H.,C.L.S.C.
Business Hypnotherapist
Success Coach

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