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Business Women: Your Pain Qualifies You To Serve Your Clients

There is a myth out there that says: you have to have all of your sh*t together, be completely healed of all past pain and levitate for you to be qualified to not just serve but get paid for your coaching, teaching, speaking or healing (or what ever you do to serve).

This is a terrible and dangerous myth which can paralyze a woman from offering her gifts and getting paid for them.

How I can I be so sure about this concept I am laying out before you that your pain makes you more qualified to serve your clients?

I am so glad you asked.

I know because I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurial woman doing one on one hypnotherapy and group programs. From all my years of work helping these women clear their blocks to success so they finally achieve it, I have discovered some amazing things:

1) We Came Here to Grow As Spirits
Many times in my one on one hypnotherapy sessions, I have been guided to take a client to their “spiritual guide” this I discovered is the person or being that helps you figure out what you want to learn while you are on earth.

It’s like the high school career counselor preparing us all for Earth University.

Usually, this client is struggling with a belief system that doesn’t serve her, most commonly a feeling of not being good enough.

It’s so beautiful to facilitate this because this exchange helps the client I am working with to realize that she is powerful enough to create situations to learn and grow.


Although some of them (pains) were very painful, these helped her grow so she would be prepared to serve in the way she has always knew she’s meant to.

Through the session, I am guided to help her clear the beliefs that there is something “wrong” with the painful situations that happened or with her for experiencing them.

Then I help her create a new ownership of her experiences, where she gets to be the EMPOWERED TEACHER of the lessons and of this growth she learned, instead of always being in pain and in “self-judgment” about it.

Your pain makes you qualified to serve your ideal client because they have had pain and challenges too and they need someone who can relate to them and support them in transforming their challenges into success. No matter what method you use to serve, when you can lovingly look at all your experiences as a GIFT of growth, you will be kinder to yourself, feel more confident in your ability to serve because of what you have overcome AND you will be magnetic to your ideal clients because they will know you have an energy level to understand them and support them in their process of learning and growth.

I always say the Universe doesn’t kick your butt for no reason.

It’s an empowering feeling when you know that your experiences can really help others.

2) You Can Turn Your Blocks & Pain Into Gold
When you are called to serve other people through your work & experiences, the exciting news is that your blocks and pain can be MONETIZED.

What that means is that there is a way to build your business so that you can use every challenge you have had and ever will have to benefit your clients (and you because you are one of the people you came here to serve).

Think about all that you have experienced as some energetic form of intellectual property which can be converted into happy clients and money flowing into your business. This has been one of the keys to my business success and also made me realize what a compassionate and loving Universe we live in. We are not here to suffer. We are here to learn, grow, serve and prosper.

So here is your assignment if you chose to take it…

I invite you to be loving and kind to your self. Turn yourself judgment into curiosity and compassion. Ask yourself: “How does this pain, situation or challenge make me the perfect person to serve myself and my clients?”

Treat yourself as the precious being you are and trust that you are on your path.
The good news is that you just have to be YOU to serve, to be successful and to thrive!

Have a beautiful day!
To Your Greatest Success!

August C.H.,C.L.S.C.
Hypnotherapist & Success Coach

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Gratitude Rocks! Here is a fun new way to get your gratitude buzz on!

Once upon a time in my bathroom I brought my new camera into shoot my new hair cut so I could see it from the back (vanity alert woo woo). Suddenly out of nowhere I started recording my lil’gratitude song that I wrote.

I grew up going to camp with sing a long songs so that’s they only way I can explain what happened here.

Enjoy this song and use it to pull you out of any non supportive negative spirals so you can shine and stay in a positive mindset!

Have fun with this. It’s also fun to be PRE-Grateful for all the wonderful things to come!

Have a beautiful day!

Jenn August







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