I am so excited to interview today the bounce forward expert Charmaine Hammond as she shares about: Courageous Dialogue and Conscious Communication”

On this very special training call, participants will discover or learn the following:

• Discover the 3 keys to courageous dialogue

• How to survive the “difficult conversation”

• How to move from confrontation to collaboration

• Keeping cool during challenging conversations
Known as the Bounce Forward Expert, Charmaine Hammond is President of Hammond International Inc. and helps individuals, teams, businesses, government departments, and corporations improve resilience, and inspired performance. An expert in team relations, communication, and conflict resolution, Charmaine helps identify and resolve what gets n the way of success and bouncing forward! Resolving conflicts and building teams behind bars and in boardrooms, former Correctional Officer and Mediator, Charmaine helps you overcome the three most challenging workplace issues: conflict, communication and team relationships. She has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management.

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